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Do feel free to contact me if you are in need of one or several of these services:

  • Localization - High quality, tailor-made translation of in-game text, as well as surrounding material (marketing, website, press releases, etc.)


  • Proofreading/Revision - High quality, detail-oriented proofreading of previously written and/or translated material


  • Localization Quality Assurance - Testing of your game in order to check the good integration of the localization and correct any potential issues (overlaps, wrong formatting, code errors…)

  • Community Management - Handling of your social media presence, blog/website posts, newsletters, and all forms of community interactions (forums, Discord servers, etc.)

  • Writing - Development of a story, characters, plot points and lore that fits the themes and gameplay of your game and gives your players an experience they will never forget

Selling points: 

  • Focus & Communication - One single professional handling your project personally and with whom you can communicate directly every step of the way


  • Follow-up - Continued work on your project past delivery, up to and beyond your game's launch, as needed


  • Languages - English / French


Pricing - Rates are flexible and based on many things that can vary wildly from one project to the other, so it is best handled on a case-by-case basis.

Contact me and we will see together what is best for your game!


  • Red Hook Studios - Darkest Dungeon

    • Extensive FR proofreading

    • EN > FR localization

> Over 110,000 words


  • Redlock Studio – Shattered: Tale of the Forgotten King

    • FR > EN game design document translation

    • FR > EN localization

> Over 45,000 words

  • + Community Management assistance with newsletters and Discord server management


  • Hibernian Workshop – Dark Devotion

    • EN & FR proofreading

    • EN > FR & FR > EN localization

> 52,000 words

Learn more about Dark Devotion’s localization


  • Nine Dots Studio - Outward

    • EN > FR localization

> 105,000 words


  • In Agency

    • Various EN > FR localization jobs

    • Telltale Games, Team 17, Epic Games...

    • Oneshot, Oxenfree, Unbox...


  • Double Master’s degree in Translation Studies - 2017

    • Monash University, Australia / Lyon III University, France


  • Bachelor's degree in English Studies - 2015

    • Lyon III University, France






SDL Trados


Client Testimonials

"Marc has been an amazing localization partner for Red Hook. Darkest Dungeon has a very particular tone and style and Marc has not only been considerate and conscious of maintaining that style, but also extremely quick and responsive when turning assigned batches of work."

John Lindvay, Producer @ Red Hook Studios

“Marc’s help was flawless. I loved his rigor and the interest he placed in Dark Devotion. As a dev with 0 experience, I needed more than just a translator and Marc was always available and happy to patiently advise me throughout development. I also appreciated his ability to produce a translation that perfectly fits my wishes and the literary style I was trying to convey.”

Arthur Dos Santos, Writer @ Hibernian Workshop

More about Dark Devotion’s localization

"Working with Marc has been simple and easy. We're happy with the results, and considering the large wordcount of our game and the time constraints we were facing, my expectations were surpassed."

Guillaume Boucher-Vidal, President @ Nine Dots Studio

"We have been extremely satisfied with Marc’s work on Shattered. His professionalism and commitment to our complex universe has produced translations that perfectly reflect the literary style of our game. This is why we are happy to recommend his services."

Laurent Chorier, Technical Director @ Redlock Studio


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