Complete game writing - Varying price / Best overall value

Full service including all of the below services, which can also be ordered independently:

Basic narrative pitch - 150€ fixed price

For anyone with a limited budget who wants something to start with.

Quick and simple development of a base for your world, characters and narration to start building your game around.

Basic world-building - 500€ fixed price

Further development of your game’s background focused on the world, its lore and past events to set the stage for the game’s narrative and characters.

Character sheets - 150€ per character

Writing of character sheets detailing that character’s features.

Includes main physical attributes, personality, background story, motivation…

Complete lore - Varying price

Writing focused on the game’s lore.

Complete background info on the world and writing of in-game lore text.

Narrative arc - Varying price

Development of a full narrative arc based on the game’s world, themes and characters.

Dialogues - Varying price

Writing of your game’s dialogues and character interactions.


English / French


Direct communication via your preferred method (email, Discord, Skype, etc.)

Quick delivery without compromising quality

Follow up after delivery (available as long as required)

Client priority for this project and any future project

Twitter promotion (tweets and retweets concerning your game)


Lowered rate for any order above 2.000€

Lowered rate if ordered alongside another service, such as localization